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• Our vision is to be a leading publishing house providing fully-fledged services for print and digital publications across a variety of genres.

• We aim to be South Africa’s leading publishing house, providing cost effective and forward solutions that will drive our client’s business growth.


Lingua Franca Publishers is an innovative, 100% black-owned publishing house with over 15 years of proven experience. We pride ourselves in publishing quality, inclusive, and thought-provoking publications across different genres which include CAPS educational textbooks; fiction, non-fiction, lifestyle and children’s books as well as corporate publications. Specializing in the conceptualization, development, design, editing, and production of publications that can be transformed into multiple formats, Lingua Franca Publishers has an enduring reputation for high-quality and professional publishing services. 

Driven by the pursuit of excellence, we have over the years grown into one of the preferred publishers of learning and teaching support material in South Africa. Lingua Franca Publishers has a variety of learning and teaching support material that is approved by and listed on the National Catalogue of the Department of Basic Education. These approved educational books were developed according to the Curriculum Assessment Policy Standards (CAPS) and used nationwide in schools and libraries.

Lingua Franca Publishers has a dedicated and visionary team with qualifications, expertise, experience, and a diverse portfolio of work, and is committed to delivering premium publishing services for print and digital publications.

Lingua Franca Publishers has built long-lasting and effective business relationships with educational institutions, corporate organizations, commercial bookstores, independent bookstores and private clients. Our core values play a critical role in building and maintaining sustainable business relationships. 


  • To provide premium publishing services to our clients.

  • Promote the free flow of ideas, creativity, and writing.

  • Promote the culture of reading.



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