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Dr Patience Mlengana is no stranger to the struggles that we face every day. She has masterfully blended her riveting life experiences into wise and practical words of advice using her extensive knowledge of the Word of God as the source for her teachings. You might ask, ‘Why should I get this daily devotional?’ Well, there are 365 reasons why you should! Each devotion is a breath of fresh air in a world that is shadowed by pollution; each day is tailored to give you an opportunity to build on yesterday’s progress while preparing for tomorrow’s hurdles.


As the sun rises, you will have powerful words of wisdom to shape your thoughts for the day ahead. If you prefer to connect with the Almighty Saviour as the sun sets, you will lay down your weary head with words of hope and encouragement for the day to come. Essentially, all of the teachings in this daily devotional are drawn from the Word of God. Dr Patience Mlengana does not add on to the Word, she simply deciphers it in ways that you can comprehend.


This devotional is a perfect gift for anyone who thirsts for the spring of living water - the Maker of the well that never runs dry; the Alpha and Omega; the great I Am; God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This devotional is comprised of themes to match the season you may be in, it will build your faith, nurture your relationship with God and motivate you to live a triumphant life!

Living Triumphantly - All Year Daily Devotional

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