Manuscript Submission

Our Publishing Categories (In All 11 Official Languages):


  • Educational Books

  • Literature Books

  • Children’s Books


Manuscript preparation:


  • Use Microsoft Word to prepare your manuscript (Submissions that are handwritten will not be considered).

  • Manuscript to be typed in Arial font, size 11.

  • Start each chapter on a new page.

  • Literature and Children’s Books: Submit at least the first chapter and synopsis of the book.

  • Educational Books: Submit one chapter.

  • Number the pages clearly.

  • Indicate headings and subheadings.

  • Punctuate your manuscript properly.

  • Do not type words in capital letters unless you specifically want them to appear in capitals in the final book.

  • Underline only the word you want to appear in italics in the final book.

  • Keep the words bold if you want them to appear in bold in the final book.


Manuscript submission(PDF format only):

Email your manuscript with the following supporting documentation:​

  • Brief description of the entire manuscript.

  • Indicate the language in which the manuscript will be submitted.

  • Provide a concise title when submitting the manuscript of a novel.

  • Table of contents of the entire manuscript.

  • Indicate the page extent of your manuscript.

  • Description of the target market or audience.

  • Indicate the estimated number of illustrations or pictures the manuscript will require.

  • Description of the cover details of Literature Books or Children’s Books.

  • CV and Cover Letter of the author.

Email manuscript to:

Feedback from publisher:

  • ​Feedback may be received from the publisher within 3 – 6 months.

Disclaimer: submission of a manuscript does not necessarily mean that the manuscript will be accepted for publishing. The selection processes as per our guidelines will need to be followed and the manuscript may be accepted or rejected.


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